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UX-SKILL.Club New Class

Spilled Coffee

Service Design Course

a course that helps you to truly understand the value of service design in the customer’s experience.

Service design helps you perceive your business from your consumers' perspective. Understanding your customers' motivations—why they do things, not simply what they do—allows your firm to become more customer-centric and responsive. It's vital to understand your customers' needs in order to concentrate your company's efforts on the relevant topics. 

This training helps you plan and arrange people, communication, infrastructure, and other service components to improve client experiences. It will help you create a service that is user-friendly, competitive, and relevant.

ตารางเรียน & Introduction

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Service Design

To put it another way, 

What you'll get out of this course 
You should be able to put what you've learned in this course in Service Design to use straight immediately in your job or on your resume after you complete it. 


  • This course is designed to help you better comprehend... 

  • Today's service design concepts, processes, and important aspects. 

  • Methods for enhancing services via the use of data and analytics 

  • Understanding when and how to make use of various tools for service design 

  • The influence of digital business models and customer journeys on consumer behaviour 

This course will teach you the skills you need to... 

  • Set up, execute, and evaluate a service design process that is aligned with the organization's strategic priorities 

  • Create working prototypes, scenarios, and business strategies from your thoughts and ideas. 

  • Integrate sociocultural fads, human requirements, and service design into one coherent whole. 

  • Understand clients' pain areas, needs and views through cultivating empathy abilities. 

  • Create an arsenal of service design techniques and tools 

  • Keep detailed records throughout the whole design process. 

  • Initiate procedures for refining preconceived notions about people and what they want 

  • Encourage a change in thinking from product-centric to user-centric. 

  • Change the structure of the organization to one that is centred on the needs of the users

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