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Oct 29, 2022 - Sep 30, 2023

Service Desing Course

  • 337Days
  • 66Steps


ตารางเรียนและรายละเอียด a course that helps you to truly understand the value of service design in the customer’s experience. Service design helps you perceive your business from your consumers' perspective. Understanding your customers' motivations—why they do things, not simply what they do—allows your firm to become more customer-centric and responsive. It's vital to understand your customers' needs in order to concentrate your company's efforts on the relevant topics. This training helps you plan and arrange people, communication, infrastructure, and other service components to improve client experiences. It will help you create a service that is user-friendly, competitive, and relevant. You'll learn By the end of this Service Design course, you should have gained knowledge and abilities that you may apply in your job or add to your CV. Knowledge This training will enable you... The current concepts, methods, and major features of service design How to improve services using data and analytics When to use a service design tool Consumer trends, digital business models, and client journeys Skills This course will teach you how to... How to build and assess a service that supports the organization's aims Convert ideas into prototypes, scenarios, and business strategies.

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THB 48,000.00


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